The platform for web3 communities


Social tokens can be earned on social and content platforms, and spent on things in your ecosystem.

Wallets are the web3 hub for your NFT's, drops, rewards, voting, unlocks, tickets and more.

You don't build a community with a 1/1 NFT.  Moonwalk makes it easy to create a large number of unique, individually rare NFT's that can be purchased to unlock your community, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club or Cryptopunks.  You can also create Digital Keys, NFT tickets and more.

Don't just create 1 NFT. Generate a collection


Give your community a wallet to come home to

Your wallet is your community's home for your NFT's, tokens, unlocks, rewards, drops & voting.  They don't need to choose between visiting your website and seeing you on socials - your wallet is enough reason to keep them coming back.

Unify your community with a token

Whether your community is on Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, Discord, Telegram, in-game or elsewhere, enable them to earn your token for viewing, listening, playing and streaming.


Connect your community to point of sale


Once your community is actively collecting NFT's, engaging on socials and earning tokens, enable spending and discounts online and IRL with Shopify, Stripe, Apple and Google Passes, QR code scanning, subscriptions and more- all integrated with your wallet.


Everything is under the hood

Moonwalk dashboard, API’s and blockchain powers your front-end. It's about you and your community.


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