Interconnected reward and payment ecosystems

Digital Economies

Convert communities into thriving reward and payment ecosystems.

Communities are fragmented. Digital platforms - social media, gaming and mobile payments - host yours and millions of other brands.  And with all that content, they're able to capture and retain their users.

But you've lost control of your audience. Your message fights for attention.  And, instead of monetizing your brand, you pay for the privilege to access your community.

Moonwalk enables you to take back and grow your community. Powered by digital tokens and API's, brands can seamlessly interconnect their community across gaming, social and payment platforms, creating more opportunities for your community to interact, participate, earn and spend.


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Unify your global audience with a digital token that underlies all of your economic and social activity.

Integrate digital tokens into point-of-sale, games and activations to drive high-frequency earn and spend.

Enable community to earn and own tokens for participating, referring, gaming and voting on brand activities.

Drive revenue with digital reward cards and collectible token sales, subscriptions and transaction fees.



Unify your community

A brand's digital token can be used throughout your entire brand ecosystem. Tokens are a single value unit that represent all of the collective global activities of your brand. 



Grow participation with integrations

Integrate tokens with third-party platforms, from social and gaming, to stores, restaurants and payment platforms.  Create more opportunities for your community to interact with your brand, and they'll participate even when you're not trying.


Make rewards worth earning

Digital tokens can move throughout your brand ecosystem, allowing infinite use cases. The more they're usable, the more they're valuable, and worth your community's time collecting and holding.



Engage and drive revenue

Once your community is actively earning tokens, enable them to spend their tokens. Integrate with Point of Sale throughout your extended economy (including partners and sponsors) using Moonwalk API’s and smart contracts. Earn pre-purchase revenue, subscription and transaction fees.



Everything is under the hood

Moonwalk dashboard, API’s and blockchain powers your front-end. Its about your brand and your fans.  


Join the future

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